About Me

A rollerset done wit large size rollers!
Editor of the The Black Hair Dairy, I am obsessed with anything hair. I am on a journey to grow, long, healthy black hair. I am here to document my journey in order to inspire other women on the same path who are looking to start their hair care journey.

I started out looking for more information on growing my hair long back in 2008 when I stumble across a number of hair sites, one did caught my fine little eye and that was where I made my stop Black Hair Planet. The ladies there had a wealth of knowledge, is friendly, a vast culture of different women from all walks of life. They funny, passionate about hair, opinionated, but what caught me and made me stay was the closeness and family like atmosphere. Stop by you will see!

With that being said I then started to research and read into the science of hair and hair products and getting to better understand by hair requirements and that was when it struck............., PJism. From then on I have a PASSION for hair and hair products and The Hair Diary's ultimate purpose is to make entries on all products used by me, the good the bad and the ugly lol

Hopefully my journey will inspire and help many and the product reviews and article would also. So here is to the start of The Black Hair Diary journey into the world of product reviews and growing long healthy hair, come join me, the more the merry. We can keep each other company on this journey so we don't get discourage and lonely :).