My Regimen

Bi-weekly Ayurvedic treatment
{Henna, Amla powder, Kalpi Tone, Maka, Cassia Obovata ~ depending on how I feel}
Co-wash or Wash hair with Shikakai soap bar or Shampoo {sulfate free}
2x Weekly DC with a moisturizing conditioner
Prep-poo with Vakita Coconut oil Or An Ayurvedic Oil(s)
Moisturize ONCE-TWICE Daily and seal with an oil or HBCO
{S-curl ~ when I do bantu knot out, twist, twist out, braid out etc}
{NTM/Dominican leave-ins for roller-set or flexi-rod sets}
Oil scalp daily or every other day with ‘Castor Oil’ depending on how well my scalp absorbs the first application