Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Meet the World’s Biggest Afro Record Holder!


Spotted in one of our local newspaper couple of weeks ago ‘The World’s Biggest Afro’.

Aevin Dugas - Largest Afro<br />Guinness World Records 2010<br />Photo Credit: Chris Granger/Guinness World Records<br />Location New Orleans, USA

According to Guinness World Records, the largest natural afro in the world belongs to a 36-year-old woman from New Orleans named Aevin Dugas.

Dugas, a social worker, is proud to hold the prestigious (and totally groovy!) world record, but as always, with greatness, comes great responsibility … like making sure (1) her fro doesn’t block her eyes so that she can see while she’s driving, and (2) she doesn’t get her fro caught in doors, trees, her earrings and anything else in its path, including drinks at the club.

Okay, all of these things happen on a regular, but who cares? This woman have an afro sitting on her head that has a circumference of 4 feet and 4 inches (the size of a small child)!

“It is problematic because when I’m driving I can’t see,” she says. “So that’s a problem. One time I slammed my hair in a car door getting in. It gets caught in clubs. It might get caught in someone’s drink. It gets caught in my earrings a lot. It tends to hook on things, like trees, when I’m walking by… It can be kind of problematic, but I still wouldn’t change a thing about it.”

But the best thing about having a 4-foot wide afro?

Aevin says with a smile: “It provides the perfect pillow. I sleep very well.”

See … there’s a silver lining in every cloud!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hair Peace: A Natural Hair Anthem


My views: I love the clip, I think we need to embrace not only our hair, but our features, shapes, colour of our skin. Be confident in our skins……not just say but live it, be it, feel it, believe in it. Just be who we are truly, without a shadow of a doubt. We are in fact a strong, resilient, bold, fierce, others fear us and want to be like us! Why not embrace the true inner us outwardly.

I love the poem and enjoyed the clip.


Now what are your thoughts on this Essence YT on ‘A National Hair Anthem’ by Essence?

Vitamin: MSM


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an organosulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2SO2. It is also known by several other names including DMSO2, methyl sulfone, and dimethyl sulfone. This colorless solid features the sulfonyl functional group and is considered relatively inert chemically. It occurs naturally in some primitive plants and is present in small amounts in many foods and beverages and it is marketed as a dietary supplement, although its benefits are disputed.

MSM is structurally related to dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), but the behavior of these two is different. DMSO is a highly polar solvent and an excellent ligand, with water-like dissolving properties whereas MSM is less polar and less reactive. MSM is also a metabolite of DMSO

Supplementing MSM:

MSM is present in many foods such as raw fruits, vegetables, milk, and some grain products. MSM is very fragile and processing and cooking deplete foods of their MSM content. This is all the more reason to add it to your supplement regime. MSM is a water soluble mineral and any excess is flushed out your system.

MSM is sold in powder form either in loose form or enclosed in capsules. MSM is also used to help treat other ailment from joint stiffness to allergies.

MSM also has a cleansing effect on your system.

You also need to consume enough water to make sure that you a fully hydrated. The water usually helps speed up the elimination of the toxins MSM sweeps out. There are no known harmful long or short term effects of MSM supplementation.

MSM Benefits for Hair & Nails:

The benefits as for as hair and skin are concerned from MSM supplementation are softer skin and hair, improved texture of skin and hair, and improved growth. Since MSM adds sulphur to your body, a lot of people notice a softer and smoother texture of hair.

Many also experience increased growth and density.

MSM is a good supplement to take for overall health and cell regeneration.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The UK Hairlista Meet Event

There is a group on Hairlista that consist of a lot of UK ladies, there are an amazing bunch I must say. Funny, Cheeky, Ambitious, Intelligent, Smart, Diverse and Stylish are some of the words to describe the women that are part of this group and meet up. Considering, the UK ladies are the minority on many hair site as our counterpart the Americans are the majority to any given hair care platform.
And so with that being said a UK meet was organised and held in London. It was a nice turn out and an awesome and an amazing group of women that came out.
The event took place on September 17th, 2011.
There was a giveaway quiz, there was product swaps, products being sold, entrepreneurs, those that had the business up and running, sharing hair tips and where we can find products etc
We teased each other, laughs, jokes with each other, share experiences and told of various stories etc IT WAS JUST a BLAST
It was really a nice turn out and a lovely experience to be under one roof with such awesome ladies and sharing our experiences, idea and point of vews with each other.
There was food {BBQ Chicken, Curry Mutton, Rice, Jollof, Drinks, Cakes, Snacks, Wine etc}.
It was a well done meet :)!

Here are our group of ladies and the event, enjoy picture heavy :)!
IMAG0805 IMAG0804 IMAG0803
IMAG0806 IMAG0807 IMAG0810

IMAG0812 IMAG0813 IMAG0814
IMAG0827  IMAG0823 IMAG0822
This concludes the UK ladies meet up, hope you enjoy reading and seeing the pics as we sure did have a great time, stay tune for more events :).

Mid Month Prize Give-away


I am having a prize give away this month to get things rolling. YES you read right another prize give…….,


We are giving away ‘three’ no one but ‘three’ 4oz Safi’ Avocado Butter.

 Ingredients: Raw Shea Butter, Avocado Butter, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Sodium Lactate, Fragrance.

RULES: I am going to keep this simple as make the requirements the usual. You will need sign up to follow my blog and recommend to a friend, get them sign up too. If you recommend to sign up, in your message please state the blog follower who recommend my blog to you.

Finally just post a short message below as to why you would like to try this hair butter.

Winners name will be put into a box and names will be selected that way.

This prize draw will run from September, Sunday 18th, 2011 and end on September, Saturday 24th, 2011.Winners will be announced no later than September, Sunday 25th, 2011.

Please note that this give away is open ONLY to UK and European residents only.

MIA: Missing In Action…….. I am back


I have been missing in action, but I am aiming to keep up with my blogging from now on.

I have a few new things coming shortly which will images[2]be announced accordingly, I will also be doing a mid month prize give away so stay tuned for that.

I was busy helping to a UK hair event meet up, which was just absolutely AWESOME! I will be making a post some time this week along with pics and further details of this event.

I have some products reviews and pics of some recent hair goodies I got my little hands on. Will be updating you also as to where I am in my transition to natural hair :).

With that being said please stay tuned for regular updates :).