Monday, 12 March 2012

Hair Update: Still in the Game :D


Hello Diary Readers, I have not blogged in awhile. I have not forgotten ya’ll, just been busy. However, I am aiming to get back on my blogging once per week, as I have so much to blog about. My hair journey and new products and reviews.

Anyways, I am still in the game of transitioning, I have been in and out of single braids. My last braids install was late November. I got Senegalese Twists, I kept them in until early February. I am 23 months plus post relaxer. I have about 18-19 days before I BC! This will mark 24 months post relaxer…. YAYYY me!

I am whining down now, looking forward to the actual day. I have been watching a lot of YT BC videos :D, they are so awesome, scary, emotional, inspirational and encouraging all in one.

I never thought hair could ever bring so much and such emotions to us as women.

Also I have gotten a new pair scissors/shears for my hair, I am planning what I would like to to on the day and how I would like my BC process to transpire. This will be revealed closer to the time.

All I have doing since I took the sengalese twist down is to DC, protein treatment and M&S. Just keeping it simple and nourishing my hair for the BIG DAY. I have quite a few updates to post, which I will work on posting over the next couple of days. I will keep on it.

I also have some goodies to post that I will be reviewing in the future, so stay tune.