Friday, 5 April 2013

Hair Update–Heatless Flexi-rod set!


Hello Diary Readers it been a while since a did any blogging. I am working my way back to doing it weekly, it can be somewhat difficult when you fall off the sphere of bogging.

Anyways here is to the new start of blogging again.

March 31st, 2013 mark my one year being natural – BC YT >< and hair pics after BC. It’s 1 year ago after 24 months of transitioning that I cut off my texlaxed ends. Unfortunately I didn’t do anything special to my hair on the day >.< lame I know. I will around to doing some more hair photos for those who would like to see my progress and I will also do a length check comparison also.

Nevertheless, Last night momentarily madness took over and I decide on old twisted up hair to experiment with some flexi-rod. I took down each twisted section and separated into smaller section spritz with AVJ+water and seal with my shea butter mix. and went to flexi-rod setting. I slept in them for the night and took them down today and fluff some.

I like it actually, a bit frizzy, since it was done in a moment of madness. I have an idea of how I can go about dealing with the frizz next time.

This is all I use to set my hair on the flexi-rod, please note that this is 7 days old twisted up hair that I am working with.