Friday, 13 April 2012


I have had a dryer in my relaxed days for years, a really good brand too >>see here<< I used my dryer for dryer my roller-set and steam with a plastic cap for years. Then once I decide to transition and started doing more research I became more and more intrigued by a steamer.




Monday, 9 April 2012

Texture & Length SHOTS!


Right side texture shot     & Left side texture shot!













Length checks shots, best I could do while taking the pic myself LOL


Hopefully next up will be some styles, hopefully LOL I am so style challenge is it not even funny. Stay tune :wink:

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Hair Post-BC!


I was feeling myself LOL and I was shock, happy, nerve and all the other emotions one can think of. I have no regrets and I am so looking forward to enjoying my hair journey form here on out. Without dealing with stringy relaxed ends.

Anyways. I thought I would share some photos because I should have use these as bloopers at the end of the YT Cclip but since I am new to this youtube thing. I will chalk it up to getting better at making youtube clips.

Here are some pics of my FRO!


My Transition Big Chop


I am finally 100%, my last texlaxer was March 31, 2010 and I BC on March 31, 2012. Here is my BC experience, Yayyy me!


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Pics and more reviews from here on out, i am new WOMAN LOL Smile with tongue out