Monday, 28 February 2011

Product Haul


{1}. 1kg Methi (Fenugreek) Powder

{2}. 1kg Henna

{3}. Hesh Heenara

{4}. Top-op Amla Powder




{1}. Ayuuri Natural Amla Powder

{2}. Ayuuri Natural Mehandi Powder

{3}. Dabur Vatika Deep Conditioning Treatment

{4}.Dabur Vatika Intensive Nourishment Treatment

{5}. Badshah Dry Mehendi (Heena) Powder




{1}. One ‘n Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask

{2}. One ‘n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner

{3}. One ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment

Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Hair: Braid-out & Braid-out Up-do




Black SOAP or African Black Soap

Black Soap, also known as African Black Soap (Anago Soap, Alata Simena,or Ose Dudu), has long been used to heal problem skin.

SSA50297Ingredients:       Black soap is made from the ash of locally harvested plants and barks such a plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark.

African Black Soap is traditionally made by hand in Africa. Research has revealed that black soaps might contain many different ingredients, but majority of black soaps contain various oils, like the coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. They also SSA50296contain ashes from different plants, like shea tree bark, banana trees, cocoa pods, and plantain leaves. Along with these water is used as a base for producing these soaps.

First the leaves and bark are sun-dried and then roasted in a SSA50562kettle or pot at an even, constant temperature, which is important to ensure color, texture and smell.

Then water and various oils - palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil (including shea butter and cocoa pod powder) - are added to the mixture and stirred for at least a day. After that, the "soap" is  left to set for two weeks to cure. Oftentimes the soap is made by women and is fair-traded, though not always.

1.Helps to remove scars caused by acne.
Since acne is not caused by dirt, but due to the release of excessive oils within the skin, the soap cannot remove acne. But use of African black soap helps to remove scars cause due to acne.

2.Helps to remove skin irritations.
Use of black soap helps to remove skin irritations like rashes.

3.Suitable for all skin types.
Black soap can be used for the treatment of problems on all types of skin including the dry and rough, oily and moderate skins.

4.Beneficial for skin diseases.
Black soap is very beneficial for reducing the discomforts that are associated with skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema

5.Helps in removing make-up.
Black soap not only cures skin problems but can also be used as a perfect cleanser for removing make up. It removes every bit of chemicals that can spoil the skin and help to make it clean and fresh.

SSA50392 6.Delays ageing on the skin.
Regular use of black soap helps to remove facial lines that are mostly early signs of ageing. Thus black soap can be used to delay ageing of skin.

7.Benefits to oily skin.
Regular use of black soap helps to remove extra oils form the skin. It is thus useful in preventing the formation of pimples and other problems associated with oily skin.

8.Benefits to the hair.
Black soap can be used for cleaning of hair. After cleaning use your regular conditioner for shiny lustrous beautiful hair.


The TRUTH: SSA50397     I have bought several brand of ‘African Black Soap’. I have bought some from Akuwood, then  got the Dr. Woods from Amazon and another bottle by Body Organiks {all pictured}.

I am really impress with this soap, I have used it on my face and skin {all over like a shower gel}. It cleanses very well. You need to moisturize well afterwards. As it gives it a real deep cleanse when it comes to the face and body.

Now using it on my hair, I used it a number of times on my hair and I am also very pleased. My first impression was that it reminds me of when I use the soap bars of either {Aritha OR Shikakai}. The ABS cleansed my hair better though but it made it felt very strong as those soap bars did. It cleanses by scalp by removing any build I may have experienced from products I have used and it also remove and excessive oil build up, BUT it did not felt as if my hair was stripped, it felt very clean, strong and the smell I liked.

I have tired both the soap (cake type) as shown in the first imagine above as well as the liquids in the picture(s), they are both nice either ay, but I honestly prefer the ABS in liquid form.  So much easier to work with on both the skin and especially the hair. All in all the soap in hard form works just as well as the liquid and liquid as well as the soap in form. Both yield good results.

After I cleanse my hair with the ABS I then proceed to DC with moisturizing conditioner. When I use on my skin I also use a moisturizer than moisturize my skin also.
I will be using black soap for cleansing my hair as well as my skin for a while to come. I am hoping to reduce sulphate shampoo by replacing them with African Black Soap.

Rating: 5/5

Price: varies

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

L@@KIE Here: Tangle Teezer

I almost hugged m post man today when I saw he had a packaged for me lol As I knew it had to be my TT.



My packaged Tangle Teezer, I was so OUTCITED at its arrival LOL




 My unpackaged Tangle Teezer & Displayed Tangle Teezer











I got the colour - Oyster Green




We have a Tanlge Teezer Snatcher over here LOL



STAY TUNE……., For a review and photo snippets of how I use it on my hair. I will be uploading pictures while detangling and the result and shed hair gathered. I have keeping my shed hair from my last two washes and I will be comparing each pile ;).

Natural Hair: Snippet # 1


























Afro-American woman with flawless skin







Vitamin: Folic Acid


Folic acid (also known as vitamin B9, vitamin Bc or folacin) and folate (the naturally occurring form), as well as pteroyl-L-glutamic acid,pteroyl-L-glutamate, and pteroylmonoglutamic acid are forms of the water-soluble vitamin B9. Folic acid is itself not biologically active, but its biological importance is due to tetrahydrofolate and other derivatives after its conversion to dihydrofolic acid in the liver.

Vitamin B9 (folic acid and folate inclusive) is essential to numerous bodily functions. The human body needs folate to synthesize DNA, repair DNA, and methylate DNA as well as 250px-Folicacid2[1]to act as a cofactor in biological reactions involving folate. It is especially important in aiding rapid cell division and growth, such as in infancy and pregnancy, as well as in "feeding" some cancers. While a normal diet also high in natural folates may decrease the risk of cancer, there is diverse evidence that high folate intake from supplementation may actually promote some cancers as well as precancerous tumours and lesions.Children and adults both require folic acid to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anaemia.

One of the most important nutrients to prevent hair loss

Folic acid promotes healthy cell growth which in turn produces healthy skin regeneration03f9143da480492998fe9e2977f6c581[1], and of course hair regeneration or hair re-grow. Taking folic acid vitamins for hair loss prevention can not only greatly decrease your chances of experiencing hair loss to begin  with, as well as help to prevent future hair loss. When male are deficient in folic acid, some men became completely bald!

Folic acid can be purchased in supplements over the counter, but it is best to get your vitamins in the foods you eat. Folic acid is found in nuts and in soybeans. Try replacing your cow's milk with soymilk. Also may leafy green vegetables such as spinach and turnip greens (although the folic acid never seemed to help Popeye!).

The reason that folic acid hair growth may indeed be a reality is the role that folic acid plays in cell division within the body. Folic acid is essential to the healthy and efficient reproduction of new cells all over the body. Research seems to suggest that this includes hair cells, especially for those with thinning hair.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Roots of Nature Reconstructing Deep Treatment

Fortifies weak, brittle hair from root to tip
Distressed hair is brought back to life, stronger & vibrantly
Replenishes hair and scalp with rich essential oils


Roots of Nature Remedies is a hair and scalp treatment line that helps to promote healthy looking, strong growing hair.* Formulated with the perfect combination of Organic Shea Butter (a powerful moisturizer) and Organic Green Tea (a known antioxidant) these four healing formulas repair damage, eliminate breakage, strengthen and moisturize hair.

Reconstructing Deep Treatment is formulated with the perfect combination of Organic Shea Butter and Organic Green Tea. Rebuilds damaged hair’s internal structure, mends split ends and helps protect from future damage. Roots of Nature Reconstructing Deep Treatment visibly fortifies hair! Reduces breakage, making hair grow stronger so it can grow.

Directions:     As a weekly treatment: Massage Roots of Nature Reconstructing Deep Treatment into damp clean hair. Use a wide tooth comb to enhance distributioin, allow to sit 5-10 minutes, rinse.

As an intense treatment: for deeper perntratioin, place a plastic cap on head and sit under a warm hair dryer for 15 minutes, rinse.

Ingredients:      42665 Ss7 - Aqua / Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Paraffinum Liquidum / Mineral Oil, Dipalmitoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, Glycerin, Cetyl Esters, Cetrimonium Chloride, Parfum / Fragrance, Methylparaben, Sodium Salicylate, Hexy Cinnamal, Persea Gratissima Oil / Avocado Oil, Panthenol, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter / Shea Butter, Helianthus Annus Seed Oil / Sunflower Seed Oil, Geraniol, Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Camellia Sinesis Extract / Camellia Sinesis Leaf Extract**, Citral, Ci 19140 / Yellow 5, Ci 14700 / Red 4, Ci 17200 / Red 33, Ci 42090 / Blue 1. F.I.L. D35156 / 1. **Green Tea.

The TRUTH:       One thing bugs me about this conditioner is that it has some great ingredients on the lists, I have bolded them but WAM, mineral oil being the 3rd ingredient, why?1??

However, it is a nice Deep conditioner, I am pleased with it and it smells delish too, after I cleansed my hair, then t-shirt dry put the excessive water and then apply this conditioner to my hair that was already pre-section into pinned sections. I apply form root to ends and concentrating a little more on the ends of my hair. It applies easily and slip is a good, which means the comb slid through without a problem and not pulling and hair out as it slide throughout the hair to distribute the conditioner evenly.

I then put on a steam cap and sit under my hard hooded dryer for 30 minutes and then allow the hair to cool down them rinse hair thoroughly.

The end results are noice, my hair was soft, tangle free, the surface of hair seems smooth, very manageable and with sheen. I really like the consistency and the results I get from this conditioner and the fact that is has shea butter in it the only reason for not giving it a ‘5’ is the tub is only 10oz/283g retail @£4.99 now that amount will just about give me two DC treatment with the amount of hair I have and the thickness I have to work through. Other than that I will be purchasing it again.

Rating: 4/5

Price: £4.99 - £5.99

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Prize Giveaway: EYL JBCO


We are having a special prize giveaway, this is everyone’s all time favourite….., ‘Jamaican Black Castor Oil’.

We will be giving away a ‘2oz bottle of EYL JBCO’.

EYL is one of Jamaica's most well known, locally produced, 100% pure cold eyl-bottles_thumb%5B9%5D[1]pressed castor oil.

EYL Castor Oil is Unbleached, Unrefined, All Natural, and contains No Additives.

Black Castor Oil is a Beauty Aide in a Bottle. A bottle can serve as a hair conditioner & scalp conditioner. Black castor oil seals moisture in the hair with a protective coat.


Really easy rules they are as follows:

1. You need to be a follower.

2. Write a paragraph (minimum 2-3 sentences) as to why you LOVE castor oil and what has it done for your hair.

Those are the requirement to win yourself a bottle of EYL JBCO.

The deadline will be February 28th, 2011, will be Announced on March 3rd, 2011.

Best of Luck to the winner!

Again Where are THOU TBHD?


Again I must apologies for me MIA, I have been busy with home life and school.

I am not going to lye I do miss my blogging and my bloggers. I am going set a side time just for my blogging and my followers.

With that being said I have been doing a number of experiments and I also have an announcement to make :).

Before going into the announcement, I will start off my return to blogging with a prize giveaway.

So watch the space for the prize give away, be sure to join in on the giveaway!