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Hairveda Whipped Gelly


PromisesP8311641: Whipped Gelly is a light holding gel without the harsh alcohol and flakiness. We crafted this gel to give you a soft hold & add moisture at the same time!

Throw away the brown gel! We have something a little better. We make our gel with Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Vegetable Derived Humectants & rich Avocado oil. Whipped Gelly adds a soft, mild hold to your hair.
Expect an increase of wave definition & curl pattern for type 3 & 4 hair types.
Whipped Gelly helps defines curls and waves for natural hair & new growth. This product adds sleekness to relaxed hair.


Directions: Apply to wet or dry hair to enhance waves and smooth down edges. This product is great for curly hair types and to smooth down edges. A great frizz tamer!

Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Acrylates/C-10 Alkyl Acrylates Glycerin, Persea Gratissima Oil, Vanilla, Fragrance. Smells like Tropical Mango.

whipped gelly ingredients 2

REVIEW: I’m not going to beat around the bush, I will just say it. I’m actually loving this stuff. It gave me really nice result in terms of definition [that I actually like], softness and sheen. I was a little hesitant when I first saw it on sale and decide to order it. I am not a fan of gel / gel-like-products. I did look up some YT reviews on it and it had very good reviews. But I was still on the fence on how it will work for me. As you can see from the [pics] I have two jars, one [1] 6oz tub and a 16oz tub. This was done in error lol when I ordered as I got all carried away when I saw a few hairveda goodies on sale on britishcurlies. As I could get them on sale to try for [half] the actual price. This sort of mistake as you may know is only done by a true PJ [product junkie] lol

It however gave me a pleasant surprise. As the name says it is a gelly not the regular gel gel but a gelly-like-cream. it smell lovely, it smell like fruits and the fruit that came to mind was ‘passion fruit’ it is not over powering or unbearable. it is light / subtle smell of passion fruit.

The consistency is medium gelly-like-cream not thick but not thin, just the perfect consistency for a braid-out, twist-out or even a wash ‘n go.




As I am lazy or can be >.< I tend to twists and or twist-out more than braid-outs. So I opt for a twist-out do.

I apply the gelly to wet hair and I seal it over with my shea butter mix and I twist up in small twist. The product went on smooth and easily. One thing I find that it felt a lot lighter on application.

Which had me thinking that I needed to apply more, which I later learn that a little does go a long way and it took my hair 3 days to dry O.O.

Next time I will apply to damp hair instead of soaking wet hair. The results weren’t bad hence why these changes on application / method. I just want to see if I get any better results and to help reduce the drying time.

Here a few pics of my end results using this product and sealing with my shea butter mix.






The results were awesome, well defined, soft and the sheen was blinding lol It last from the whole week, All I did to maintain, was spritz with my water mixture of [water + d-panthenol vitamin B5] and scarf up for the night.

I will repurchase probably when there is a [black friday] sale on hairveda site as I think this is going on my HG list. i will do another run with do another review. I may have found a replacement for a leave-in that is now acting a fool and need to be replaced asap.


One think I note that the large 16oz jar has two colour where the product went from white to slightly yellow. I was like what? But apparently it is due to the vanilla ingredient of some sort why it will change colour over time and it will affect the performance of the product. We will see how it goes.

[Have you used the Whipped Gelly? How did you like it?]

Price: £3.12 for 6oz & £8.25 for 16oz all with 50% off at I bought this with my own money.

Rating: 5/5

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