Sunday, 24 April 2011

I am being haunted by BC!!

As you know I am transitioning, I am now 13 months post texlaxer, I am planning on transitioning for 24 months, before I BC. Or it depend on how I feel once I reach my transitioning gold of 24 months; I may carry on transitioning, I may not. My ultimate transitioning time frame was go for 24 months.

Nevertheless, ever since I reach 12 months post, I can not sleep LOL, not literally, what I mean is I am being tormented by thoughts of BC o.O.

Back in February, I decided to give my hair a rest from doing much to it, so I got kinky twist. They last just little under 3 months, I decided not to get another set of extension straight away, just DC, treat and twist my hair up for a few weeks before I head back to my extensions.


Snippets of my Kinky twist:

SSA50470 SSA50471

I have now taken these down as mentioned prior and I am giving my hair a few weeks rest, then I shall return to extensions for another 3 months. If I don’t I am afraid I will not last another month of transitioning more over the next 11 months lol

I am on one of my hair sites and lward knows, it is like every day someone BC and it pops up on the screen. The killa of it, is their hair looks so nice and they are sporting all those nice well defined braid-outs, twist-outs, fro-hawk, wash ‘ go and dang there are ladies sporting some nice TWAs styles. I mean I don’t think a TWA will suit me, that is why I am transitioning for 24 months.

Before you shoot me, for saying that I don’t think  a TWA will suit me. Just take your fingers off the triggers and hear me out………., the reason behind my idea of a TWA will not suit me.  Are as follows……. if you see the circumference of my head; and by seeing it and measuring my head; from the radii of the circumference of my head to the radius you will them come to the conclusion that I have a pretty huge-mous head.

Now with that being said I have decided a TWA will not work for my head, therefore it is required that I will have a certain amount of hair on my head in order to hid the fact that my head is un-portion-ately huge LOL.

Anyways here are some pics of my hair since I have taken out the kinky twist.

SSA50568 SSA50567

You can see the difference between the two textures, my natural is big and thick and the texlaxed hair is limped and withered lol.

I have DC conditioning once a week and then I will moisturized and seal and then twist it up and leave it until my next wash and DC session. Sometimes in between wash and DC I will spritz with water and moisturize and seal again, I do this according to my hairs need. Otherwise I will just leave it alone.

Anyway, this was my little transitioning rant about my struggle transitioning to natural and the urge to fight the fight against BCing early LOL.

Lets see if I make it to the 24 months mark, lets hope for the best :D.


  1. lol i can relate. i intended on transitioning for a long time, but i only lasted like 8 months. the two textures were annoying to deal with, and every time i touched my natural hair i was too excited by being able to play with it. i did a big chop. if you are going to have your hair in twists anyway, just cut it off. your hair will grow faster once the chemically treated hair is cute off

  2. Look at all that growth! Looks great. And, I don't blame you I went natural before, hated the short hair and after about 6 months I texlaxed. I'm transitioning again now but I'm itching to BC. I'm going to try and hold off for at least a yr, but it's so hard.

  3. I did a long gradual transition. Having no hair on my head was not for me either. When it comes to your own hair its always best to do what suits you and what you are comfortable with