Friday, 3 September 2010

URINE Therapy

UT = Urine Therapy

This was a topic posted on the forum I am a member on and it was an interesting read on the links below and the discussions on some of the links was quite interest and intriguing all at the same time.

On one of the forums below there are ladies that are use this method as a treatment, from washing the hair with their urine, to using as a daily moisturizer and even consuming urine for internal diseases and ailments.

I found this video while researching and reading more on the topic.

This guy runs a urine therapy community, check out youtube, there are loads of youtube videos on people using UT.

My question to you is, would you try UT? Have you tried it? Could you? If not, why not? What is your views on this therapy?

Links for further read:
Disclaimer: I have never used UT! I just found it interesting and want to hear others views and experience if you have used it


  1. i dont know about this. i guess it trips me out that something your body is clearly trying to get rid of you would then drink. but as for hair, i wouldn't subscribe to this. through learning about the importance of ph and hair, your urine changes from day to day depending on what you eat. this, beisdes the face that there are all kinds of toxins in the food we eat, can lead to inconsistent hair. idk. i am sure apple cider vinegar will do the exact same thing as pee, and doesnt gross me out

  2. No, no, no Leen. Ick!
    Lol, would never try that you'd stink leaving that in your hair as a moisturiser -- especially if your urine is strong b/c you have an ailment or don't drink enough water.

  3. I have actually been trying urine therapy for the past months. From what I can see is that it helps internally and externally. What I really want to know is does it change hair texture if you was with it? It definitely helps to gro hair :)

  4. The liver is the organ that detoxifies the blood. The kidneys get rid of excess water and other things like extra vitamins, minerals, amino acids, creatine, urokinase (a clot buster), sex hormones, melatonin (a sleep hormone), etc. People trapped without food and water by earthquakes or other disasters have survived by drinking their own urine while other family members who wouldn't ended up dying before help arrived.

    Sometime in the past someone realized that urine therapy provided a feedback loop for enhancing the body's immune system. Food selection over time alters the way our genes express themselves (epigenetics), and I suspect UT works in a related manner.

    The drug companies have made huge amounts of money by isolating things from urine and selling it in pill form.

    By the way, sweat (perspiration) is excreted by the body, too, but nobody thinks twice about licking it from their lips. At least urine from someone without a urinary tract infection is sterile. A big drawback is that most people know where they've been sticking their wanker or what wanker's have been sticking them, and they won't drink anything coming out of that orifice. That really says more about their choice of partners, IMO.

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