Friday, 13 April 2012


I have had a dryer in my relaxed days for years, a really good brand too >>see here<< I used my dryer for dryer my roller-set and steam with a plastic cap for years. Then once I decide to transition and started doing more research I became more and more intrigued by a steamer.




I did a lot of research on various brands, types on wheels and tables top.

In the end the brand did not so much matter as much as whether one opt for a table top steamer vs. on wheels steamer.

The reasons I CHOOSE a on ‘ wheel steamer are as follows:
a). Larger Steamer Hood
b). I can move it around easily and not having to always put it up and pulling down for each use.
c). I don’t have to worry about finding a table top or placement area to put steamer on to steam.
d). A lot more sturdier than a lot of the table top I have seen and read reviews on.
e). Overall value for money, their is not much of wide price range b/n buying a table top and investing in hard and good quality on wheels steamer.





After assembling the steamer







I am really impressed with this steamer, although I had few minor issues which the manufacturer quickly rectify and I am happy so far and now. I have been using twice per week.

I would like to point out that this steamer uses distilled/de-ionised water. It prolong the life of the steamer especially if you live in a hard water area like I do.

I will be honest though, I would reconsider this on two factor a). If you steam often then you may find you will be spending a little on the special water required, although I bought 5 litre of the water for £3.99 and the steamer only need about 1.5 of the cup you see up top to give one a 30 min steam. b). You may want to get one that uses tap water cheaper and easier to access, because sometime when I go to get the special water it is always sold out….slightly annoying.

Hope this helped some if you are thinking of purchasing a ‘hair steamer’.


  1. Tag your it!
    I tagged you in my latest post, check it out :)

  2. how much is this steamer?

  3. Where did you buy it dear and where in UK do you live?

    1. It was bought from ebay, let me know if you need the link. HHJ!

    2. Thanks for your reply. Yes I would need the link as I intend to buy one.Thanks dear.

    3. Hey hun sorry for the delay in reply, it gets busy when it come to the end of the year for me. However I did look for the supplier that I bought the steamer from and I could not find the same one. I kept checking but I did not see them, but what I did notice was there are other suppliers now on ebay so try ebaying and see which of the ones on offer you like.

      Let me know how your findings goes.

      Again, sorry for the well late response and hope you are having a great New Year.

  4. I've been using a hair steamer for over a year now- I loveeeee it!!! Really feels like I am pampering my hair :)

    1. I concur, I am sitting under this bad boy weekly. Actually I try to there have been lazy weeks when I do a over DC, it is not the same to be honest compare to the steam hitting my hair and scalp.

      It is a sauna experience on the scalp and hair, love it :).