Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Earrings: Large Hoop/Dangly!

I have not posted in this section for a loooong time now Confused smile lol It’s not that I don’t have anything to post……. Believe me when I say I have loads to post but I have been slacking on blogging and since it warming up here and all these natural events are kickin’ off. I find myself in the mood to blog and liven up my blog a lot more. I hope this lively blog feeling will remain when the fall and winter arrives!

So unto my collection………. These are really pretty dressy medium size hoop earrings with dangly hanging off them. I got these from one of my BHP (Black Hair Planet) members. We have a Secret Santa which have been running for the last 2 yrs and I took part last year December and these were among the goodies I got from my SS.


As you can tell, I have worn either of these to date as I have so many earrings. But again as I will be hitting a number of Natural Hair Events this summer. I am sure to be sporting a lot more of my collection.

The earring to the left are hoops with extra hoops added to give it that dangly design. It also has some tiny little diamante looking stones in the medium hoop all the way around. Really pretty and they are ever so light weight……. Which I am glad for as I don’t do heavy earrings to be honest. They are not good for the earlobe








The earring on the right are regular hoop type earrings, but with many smaller hoops and for leaves per the larger hoop is dangling. It is slightly weightier than the other to the left, but not by much, I can only tell when I held both in each hand.

They are so gorgeous, even more so than the picture shows, I am going to work on style my hair in such a way that both earring and hair will compliment each other to the fullest.



I hope you liked this earring review……… If so stay tune for my next share of fashion piece(s).

I so much reviews to post, next up maybe a an event review….stay tune.

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