Saturday, 22 September 2012

My Rhassoul Clay Indulge!

I have not done a rhassoul clay treatment in well over a year, last treatment see HERE

I made a Rhassoul clay mix on 13/09/2012 (Thursday), I needed to shampoo as I had some build as I have been naughty and have been co-washing consistently with the old version of Tresemme which has cones in it….. bad idea as my scalp was not liking it.

Anyways, I pre-pooed for a few hours with JBCO Pimento Oil, I then shampooed with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. I then proceed to apply my Rhassoul Clay mix.

Here are the ingredients in my clay mix (Rhassoul Clay, Dark Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Butter & Vatika Coconut Oil).



The Mixture: (a. 1 cup of Rhassoul Clay, b. Approx. 1-2 table spoon of Cocoa / Dark Cocoa Butter – chopped into smaller pieces, so that its easy to smell down when hot liquid is added).









I then start off by adding 1 cup of hot boiling water to the clay and butters.


Then I allow the clay to absorb the hot water and melt down the butters, I add more water gradually, I add 1/2 cup at a time until I get the desire consistency in the clay I require for my hair…… (total cups of water added was 2.5 cups).


I then add (2 wooden spoons as pictured of Vatika Coconut oil and stir in until I get this smooth rich results).



I apply in small sections and left on overnight….. I only plan to leave it on for about 2-3hours but I am lazy so it stayed on until the next morning. Here are some pics of my hair the next morning after my lazy Rhassoul Clay session.









Here are pics after I rinse out the clay mix, this is one half of my hair down. It feels so soft and really fluffy. There is a slight clumping but not much in comparison to when I use Cassia Obovata.





Overall I really love this clay and this is my second week doing it in a row. It leave my hair so soft, fluffy and i really don’t need to DC (steam with a conditioner) afterwards. But I do as i enjoy my steaming sessions and my hair strive well on steaming, moisture, shine and move soft hair.

side note: The week prior to this I did a Rhassoul Clay treatment same ingredients, the only added ingredients was ‘coconut milk’ I did not like the results as a. left it on overnight also and the milk smell sour by the morning it had me retching the whole time during my rinse out session……. Be aware of that when using milk in your clay/herbs/powders. The next thing b. I notice a slight build up, which I think was from me co-washing a number of weeks without shampooing. I think it is important to shampoo prior to putting on the clays/herbs/powders unto one’s hair and scalp. I tend to shampoo before my clays/powder sessions, but that week I was feeling a bit brave. i think putting on these mix on gunk does not heal favourable results. HTH

I did steam with the BeUnique Shea Bliss and I also did a twist for twist out using the BeUnique Moisture Custard & Mango Butter. Review to come shortly.

To purchase your Rhassoul Clay either of the following places,,, ebay and


  1. I so want to do a rhassoul clay treatment. I've got some cubes from Anita Grant which I haven't got around to using yet. Must use them soon. Your hair looks lush. So thick and glossy. Love.

    1. Hey there hun, have you tried your rhassoul clay treatment yet?

      I try to get in once month, I really love the results and the way my hair feels, i have been experimenting with various mixes. Let me know how your session goes.

  2. Hi there.. love your blog! We do so many of the same treatments... I thought about adding the shea butter but already had so many goodies in my treatment... I will definitely try this one though and let you know how it turns you still henna? Feel free to check out my blog and this post on my Rhassoul Mocha Cocoa Double Loco Treatment. Thanks

    1. Awesome, I will head on over and check it out.

      Let me know how the mix turns out for you hun.
      I still do henna, but once in a while, I have a packet here I have been summing up the energy to indulge in, when I do I will post an update henna session.

  3. Not to worry, experts have a host of suggestions to end your bad hair day.
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  4. That Vatika oil is sooo good! What's your hair type?

  5. where did you buy the rhassoul? not sure where to find it in uk!