Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Amla Powder

Amla Powder

Dark and Healthy Hair Naturally.
Hesh Amla Powder is a natural astringent and skin toner that works on both hair and skin. In botanical terms it is known as Emblic Myrobalan. The paste of this powder helps promote black and luxuriant hair. Even as it controls hair loss, it stimulates roots and promotes hair growth. This apart, it prevents scalp infection and controls premature greying of hair. When used on skin, the paste of this powder brightens the complexion and removes pimples and grime.

Briefly, 'Hesh Amla Powder' has the following advantages:
- Promotes hair growth
- Controls hair loss
- Cures scalp infection
- Controls greying of hair
- Removes pimple and grime

Ingredients: Amla Powder (Indian Gooseberry)

Directions: Use either as a paste or tea rinse, leave on hair for 30-45 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

The TRUTH: I wrote a review on Amla oil a while back expressing my undying love for this oil lol, but I must bring your attention to the powder. This powder has numerous benefits, from strengthening of the hair root to the ends of the hair, it also aids in hair growth, it defines curls (this is something I have noted), it also helps in darkening of henna (if you don’t want that lush read colour that henna gives, mix up some amla and it helps lessen the red result), amla also gives a dark tinge to the hair after prolong usage and also helps in premature graying.

I think I will stop there, you get the picture of how awesome and brilliant this one powder alone is and the numerous benefits that it brings to the table in order to appease your hair’s appetite.
You can use this oil in many ways, just to list a few:
1. makes into a paste using either black tea or boiled water and apply to either freshly washed hair and leave on for 30mins – 1hr longer if you wish or the same steps can be done if you pre oiled your hair with coconut oil or any other oil of your choice overnight then in the morning apply the paste to your hair and leave on for as long as you wish. Then rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water to remove the paste completely. Then proceed to co-washing (please be gentle with your hair), you may feel the need to DC wth a moisturizing conditioner and you may not……, listen to your hair, you will be able to tell if you need to DC or not…………., I always do, because I note how strong my hair feels but I know once it dries, it is a different bizniz.

2. You can make it into a ‘tea’ you can add the powder to boil water and brew a tea from the powder, you will then need a cheese cloth to strain the tea to reduce the amount of grains you will haveto deal with when it comes to rinsing your hair. Use the tea to rinse your hair, let it sit for few minutes, then rinse your hair with warm water and proceed to your next regimen step(s).

3. You can infused the powder into a favorite oil of yours, to name a few (EVCO, EVOO, grapeseed oil, sesame oil,, sunflower oil etc), you can strain the through  cheese cloth/fine strainer and then use this oil to apply to the hair daily or use as a pre-poo treatment for your hair.
Either way you choose to us Amla Powder you are sure to notice a difference in the way your hair feels and looks. This powder is a natural hair and scalp nourisher….., A life time staple of mine.

Rating: 5/5

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  1. Amla (Indian gooseberry) is a proven hair tonic and is used in all or polyherbal ayurvedic preparations for hair loss. It enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation.Really amla is good herbs for hair.

  2. I agree!!!:)

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