Sunday, 29 December 2013

My LAZY Henna Session!




1). Godrej Nupur Henna [1 cup]
2). Lily of the Desert AVJ [2 cups – warm] Mix both the ingredients into a bowl and let it sit overnight for dye release. This is ONLY for those that enjoys the red hue that henna gives gives.

If you are only after the conditioning properties then use straight away.

3). The next day then add Greek Yoghurt [1 cup] - Mix well to a nice thick consistency or to your liking that will best suit being applied to your hair.










Once you have achieved the desired consistency, proceed to applying to either your freshly washed hair or dry hair.



I then cover with a couple of steam caps and scarf down for about 4-5 hours. Then I rinsed until water is clear, I DC/steam with a moisturizing conditioner.

I then apply canto shea butter leave-in and seal with my shea butter mix. This is the results.



I know you maybe thinking where is the ‘red hue’ you mentioned earlier, well henna takes 72 hours to oxidize so stay tune for some pictures of any red deposit i may have gotten on my dark hair lol

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