Friday, 13 May 2011

Lustrasilk Sheabutter & Mango Cholesterol PLUS

Promises:   Contains shea butter and mango extractSSA50151 , Adds moisture to brittle hair, Eliminates split ends, Protects hair from relaxer burn and damage

This unique triple-acting formula features the healing properties of cholesterol with Shea Butter and Mango Extract to help repair severely damaged hair to near-perfect condition. Moisture is added to dry & brittle hair and will eliminate split ends. Protects both hair and scalp from Relaxer damaged.

Directions:   Shampoo and towel dry hair. Apply Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus to hair and scalp. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Ingredients:  Water, Stearamidopropyl, Dimethylamine, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Shea butter MangoSeed Butter, Cholesterol, Soybean Oil, Safflower Oil,Wheat GermOil, aloe VeraExtract, Fragrance, Vitamin E, Methyl Paraben Propyl Paraben, Phosphoric Acid Sodium Chloride DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Yellow #5, Yellow #6.

The TRUTH:    The truth be told I am impressed with how good this conditioner made my hair feel. I had cleansed my hair prior to applying this conditioner form root to ends……, Note I always deal with my hair in sections, so I had my hair in 4 sections clipped up and I deal with one section at a time and clipping back up each section as I thoroughly apply this conditioner throughout each section.

I then put on a steam cap and went under my dryer to DC for 30mins, I then let the hair cool down and begin to rinse each section out one at a time, upon rinsing the conditioner out, I must say I felt a difference in the way my hair feel, it was strong but moisturized. I used my fingers to finger comb the sectioned hair as I rinsed and there was little to no hair coming out.

Even after completely I used my wide tooth comb gentle detangle my hair and there was again little to no hair in the comb, my hair was so soft, moisturized and felt strong.

My other attempt to use this as DC was to add some oil to it and it made the results even better, the results was awesome. I had shiny and soft hair.

My final test for this cheap-y conditioner, was to use it to o a twist that would be later become a twist out. It gave a good hold and the twist out definition was very nice. The only disadvantage was that it made my hair a little dry when used as a leave-in on my twist-out. I needed to use a good amount of oil to prevent the dryness I had experience.

All in all I really do like this conditioner and I am pleased with the results it gives, I will be keeping this in my routine of products. I mean for £1.99 you cannot go wrong, right?

Rating: 4/5

Price: £1.99 for 20oz jar


  1. Where did you buy this from? Just any ethnic hair shop?

  2. I too have trouble finding this product - where did you buy this product?

  3. I found them just before they disappear off the shelves in the BSS. I don't think you will be able to get them anymore. I still look when I go into BSS but no such luck, I still have a few jars left and I have been using them sparingly.

  4. I tried this conditioner at the beginning of my hair journey but didn't like it. I will revisit it again because I've been searching for a good cheap deep conditioner. Thanks for the review.

  5. Girl! I wish I could find this poduct again!

    1. IKR? I think I still have a jar or two somewhere in my stash. I am hanging to it for as long as I can lol

      It seems to still be available in the US thought o.O why there and not here too.

  6. Hi i personally have this product and the olive oil cholesterol I do not know where you live but you can contact me at

  7. I found it at my local Dollar tree store!

  8. Where can I find this in PA my hair is very damaged