Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I love me some Camdengrey!

When I was in the US-of-A I made an order via camdengrey.com, the items are so reasonably priced and they are of excellent quality. I wished I order more butters as their quality are really good, unlike the quality I get from thesoapkitchen.co.uk. Their butters are just alright and the fact that the thesoapkitchen send their butters in plastic bag instead of jars/containers.

Anyways, here is my order from camdengrey.com


HAUL above consist of the following

8oz Brazil Nut Butter
8oz Monoi Butter
8oz Hemp Seed Butter
8oz Almond Butter
5lb Rhassoul Clay


  1. hey! so tell me please how is the rhassoul clay.. i use sahara clay. im really curious. love the site! thanx for sharing. im currently transitioning.im gettin ready to hit 3months post-relaxer

  2. Hey hun, sorry just saw your post, I have a post on rhassoul clay under the tab 'alternative treatment' It is an awesome clay hence I bought such a large amount. I will be doing more rhassoul clay review doing varying mix. Stay tune And congrats on your transitioning and thanks for the blog love hun :)!