Saturday, 17 August 2013

My Washday Sessions: Take #1


Hello Diary Readers, It’s has been a while, I went off and abandon you. Well you know how life can be at times. But I am hoping to make a full return and have regular updates, especially as how it seems to be warming up here.

I also have a lot of reviews to bring to you and some hair updates.

Anyways I have decided to add something new to the blog that will and or should allow me to be more proactive with blogging. Anyways let me cut to the chase and let you know what it is that I decide to add. I will be adding my weekly sessions /  my washday’ sessions. This allow me to show what I do and how I do it and at the same time get some product reviews done.


So with that being said here is my first wash session upon my return to blogging.


Friday, August 16, 2013 - wash session!

I had to pull out my Elucence Moisture Shampoo & Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner << click on each product for a full review :).


Okay I had pull out this DC out fir two [2] reasons;

1. my jacked my own hair up about a week ago with another DC. It wasn’t the DC fault so I am not going to say which DC it is. I’ve used this DC for years without any issues until I decided to act a fool and leave in overnight. Due to the fact that I started my hair late and decided to sleep with it in, which at the time I was contemplating that it would not be a good idea. But due to being lazy; I let that overcame my common sense.

So due to my hair being ridiculously dry and brittle, I needed moisture to the MAX to help restore moisture, softness and bring back pliability to my parched hair.

2. This is the second time I am using it and I wanted to pair it with one of its shampoo. The shampoo pictured will be the first time I will be using it.


So I had pre-pooed/hot oil treat my hair overnight with a mix of coconut oil & black castor oil.



I then proceed to cleanse my scalp and pull the suds through to the ends of my hair using the [elucence moisture benefits shampoo]. I lathered each section once.











Half of my hair shampooed and rinsed clean, it is a nice shampoo, mild and smell great.But I could have done with another lather up to be honest; just for the benefits of my scalp. We all know that is the story with sulfate-free shampoos.




I then proceed to DCing with the [elucence moisture balancing conditioner], I apply the DC the same I did my pre-poo and shampoo, section by section. This time I detangle with my hercules comb as I tackle each section one at a time.


I then sat under my steamer for 30mins and then voila it was all done and ready to be rinsed out.

[pic] shows product seems to have been adsorb unto the hair after my steaming session. I am not hyped on the way it is feeling to be honest :/




End results after DCing and rinsing clean the [elucence moisture balancing conditioner]. Feels dry and looks dry :/









A full product description, ingredients and review are to follow shortly.

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