Saturday, 9 October 2010

Featured Excerpt: LaToya

The ‘QUEEN BEE’ of wigs!

Where do you live?

How long have you had a relaxer?
atleast 20 yrs. (Since I was 5)

What’s your regimen?
I wash and dc on Sunday. Cowash on Wednesday, m&s daily.

What’s the best/most effective thing you do for your hair?
Stretching and oiling scalp with jbco+rosemary oil

 What has been your favourite product?

Latoya (4) Latoya (5) Latoya (2)

What is your ‘go to’ style?
Half wigs.
What has been your biggest challenge during your hair journey? And how did you overcome this challenge in your journey?
The biggest challenge for me was listening to what my hair likes and needs! (moisture/protein balance especially)  At first I was anxious to run out and buy every recommended product and test it out! lol Not a good idea.  You really have to go with what works for you and your hair.  I found out the hard way Mane and Tail detangler doesn't work for me no matter how many times I use it, my hair comes out in clumps. lol

 Latoya (6) 

What is your ultimate hair goal?
Healthy thick even APL hair.

What does 'good' hair means to you?
I hate to even say good hair. lol To me it means healthy & well taken care of.


  1. Nice Excerpt you did on Toya, Leen. Toya's half-wig game is so flawless. >.< hehe.

    Its awesome that you are featuring BHP members on here. =)

  2. Thanks Halibooo ;) You are next for Feature Excerpt hunny bun :).

  3. O_O lol omg Leen....but i'm so shy. *hides under rock* How about one my wife, her hair is awesome. hehe

  4. I'm late but I like the excerpt! Go Toya! (Don't be trying to steal my nickname for MY Haliboo, Leen! I see you!)