Thursday, 7 October 2010

Shikakai Soap – Swastik

Promises: Nature fresh hair and body soap.
The natural goodness of Swastik Shikakai soap keeps your hair soft and silky. It is enriched with added ingredients to give extra bounce to your hair, nourishes your scalp and is extremely gentle on skin.

Directions: n/a

Ingredients: Shikakai (Acacia Concinna).


The TRUTH: I like this soap it cleanses well, for me images[1]it is quick, simple and easy. I clean hair, the natural benefits of shikakai BUT without the grits and continual rinsing.

When I use shikakai soap which I alternate weekly routine in my hair, I pre-oiled my hair, either overnight by doing a pre-poo or on the day for a couple of hours. I then let the warm water run throughout the first section I washing (by the way everything when it comes to washing etc is done in sections, a lot easier to Top-Op-Shikakai-Whole-Big[1]manage). Then I lather up my hand really well and apply to my hair, I will do this 3 times and then I gently work it into my scalp and hair then rinse, I do the whole procedure above twice for each section, I have my hair in 4 pinned hold sections, after I complete the wash, I will t-shirt dry some of the water out of my hair then proceed to DC.

I will carry on alternating this in my hair wash for now, also shikakai does not lather up a lot, but it does work well when it comes to cleansing the hair, also I do not recommend rubbing the soap into your hair, it is better if you lather your hands and apply to your hair and finally pre-oiling before using this soap is better as if you don’t you may find it too drying.

I will be reviewing the ‘whole shikakai’ shortly, once I get would to making the shampoo from them and using it…….,

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Imfact shikakai herbs are good for hair.its various form can be used to strengthen hair roots, hair growth and treating dandruff.