Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hesh Kalpi Tone Treatment









I read that it best to mix the paste in a metal container, I was getting rid of this old pit and decided to keep it for the sole purpose of mixing powders that need metal base container.

The first picture consist of 2x 100g of Kalpi Tone Powder, I have to use two boxes as my hair is very thick and so if I use less I will not be able to get my whole completely and thoroughly covered. I use hot water from the kettle and a few drops of rosemary essential oils.

The second picture is after I have completed the mix covered it and let it sat for about 30mins plus. Notice the change in colour? Similar to henna result in terms of dye release.

The pictures below shows when I've completely covered my hair with the Kapli Tone paste, I wanted it to sit for about 45mins while I do things around the house, but it ended up staying on for 3hrs.

Prior to applying the paste, I had washed my hair with 'african black soap' I have it in liquid form as well as the soap 'cake kind'. I honestly LOVE african black soap, it is awesome and it cleans and makes the hair feels very strong. I lather up twice, I then t-shirt dry my hair and put some ayurvedic oil throughout my hair in sections and let it sit for a while. Then I apply the paste mix throughout my hair and massage into my scalp.

The reason why I apply some oil to my hair, this helps so I do not get that drying effect that these powders can render when used to treat the hair, it also helps to wash the paste out with ease.









After the 3hours had paste, which was not intentional, got caught up with house work etc, I then rinse with warm water the paste thoroughly from my hair in sections using my fingers to do all the work. The paste rinse out ever so easily as the powder is very finely sieve, no huge grits or bits at all.

I then did a co-wash with HE HH {Herbal Essences Hello Hydration}, I love this stuff, so moisturising and smells yummy too. I did the first co-wash by just applying it and then rinse straight away then I did a section and allow it to sit for a few minutes. I then rinse the conditioner out and then dry hair slightly with t-shirt and proceed to applying my DC.

I DC for 45mins under my hooded dryer and I then did a roller set, I only added to my scalp and hair in sections the following products:

Black Castor Oil to wet scalp, a small amount of Chi Silk Infusion and Aphogee Green Tea Reconstructurizer. I then air dry for little while then finish drying under my hooded dryer for 20mins. The next day I took down the rollers and this is the result and style I sported.












  1. OMG the results are amazing! that shine...that body...are u serious? i love it!


  2. OMG beautiful - I love the shine to your hair!!!

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