Monday, 28 May 2012



First time shopping with this vendor what made me decide to order was I have been searching for D-Panthenol for ages and Lola from Lolascrib told me about another site and I was excited, but I did some more search and came across And I spot the other hard to find item ‘Dark Virgin Cocoa Butter’. I ended up shopping at fresholi because the d-panthenol was cheaper and I got more for my money and I also wanted the Dark Cocoa Butter for my Rhassoul Clay mix ; )!









Content of package are as follows:

250g of Dark Virgin Cocoa Butter
250g of Cocoa Butter
100ml of D-Panthenol








I ended up transferring the butters into plastic Jars with lids, I can not stand butters in bags. I guess I am use to the packaging of butters from and These two company has spoilt me with quality butters as well as well package and well presented products and still manage to keep postage low.


The ‘Dark Virgin Cocoa’ Butter smell just like cocoa/chocolate, it smell good but it reminds me of ‘coco tea’ lol I read an article on Akua Wood about how they arrive at ‘Dark Cocoa Butter’ and I am sure she is right because you can smell the added cocoa/chocolate.

Where I read HERE that the ‘dark’ coca butter is derived from the beans been roasted, carbonating the shoots inside to create it’s dark, rich chocolate colour. Erm…. i will go with Akua Wood take on it…… I like it thought it smells good and I am sure when I whip it up in my Rhassoul/Ghassoul Clay mix my hair will be thanking me hehehehe



The D-Panthenol (Vitamin 5), I will do a blog on what this product is and the benefits of using D-Panthenol in your hair etc. The bottle say 250ml, but it actually 100ml and I did order 100ml.


Overall my shopping experience with Fresholi was a good one and I would shop with Helen again.
I would rate my experience 4.5/5 why? Because I have a pet peeve about butters in plastic bags.
I know she gave me this long explanation why etc etc As I don’t believe she was impress when asked how she packed her butters, but I am the customer and that is hey my rights. But I just can not stand when butters are bagged. Nevertheless, I have found a way of dealing with my weird peeve. I make sure I have my own containers to repackage and keep them clean, neat and airtight.

Well this is my little product haul for now, I have been good and have not been buying or swapping much as I have a vault of products to get through. I’ve been doing good with that……… But I lost the battle on the British Curlies Birthday sale lol I will share with you what I bagged when my goodies arrive!


  1. I love shopping at Fresholi (mostly because Helen delivers to Germany). And the "chocolate scented sweetness" of that cocoa butter makes me smile. It's like a chocolate bar for the skin.

    1. I have been back looking for the goodies I purchased from her and she seems to stop stocking the butter will have look to see if I can find else where.

      Your mix looks for good, I can smell the goodness from here lol.
      very nice blog and I am following also :).