Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Ayurvedic Way!

I have not done an ayurvedic treatment in a while, I have some treatment sitting around and I decided to give myself a pamper.

Coconut Milk
Coconut Cream

The steps I took in making a nice creamy coconut ‘Amla Hair Mask’. I simmer the I can of coconut milk and half the block of coconut cream, it was rich, creamy and thick had to add water to the mix. Simmer for about 5-10mins just make the block dissolve into the coconut milk.



I then open up 2x 100g of Amla Powder and add the coconut-milk-cream milk to the powder gradually and mix well. I had to add extra water to the mix as the coconut milk-cream milk was not enough to get me the consistency i was after.


I then add some Molasses to my mix a generous amount as you can see and mix in well until the mask, it smooth, creamy and lump free.



Finish mix



Before I apply any masks, clay, henna etc I always shampoo my hair, I know some ppl don’t do this as the powders, clays sometimes do this. But it is a preference of mine. I also find I get a better result for my hair when I have clean hair and clean scalp to work with.

I use the Kinky Curl Come Clean Shampoo, I will be doing a review on it following this review.

I had my hair in four sections, I began to apply the mask in smaller sections from each of the larger four sections. Unfortunately I was not able to take any pictures as this is a mess affair.

I did manage to take pictures after the full application though.




I put a shower cap on and left it on for about 45 mins – 1 hour, I normally left my masks on longer but for some reason it was heavier than normally and I was not in the mood for having it any longer.

I rinsed and then apply my famous ‘Keracare Humecto Creme’ Conditioner’ I still have a 5lb tub of the old formula.











I won’t lie, it did not give me the results I am use to to getting when used on my texlaxed hair. I know that is to be expected from some products, not everything will work on both texture. However, i am thinking that the off results was from my Amla treatment. So I am going to give it a few more runs and see how it goes…..If anything I will spike it with vegetable glycerin, then some butters and also oils.

here are a few pics of my hair twisted up after I did the L.O.C method after my above treatment session……. They are not the neatest or the greatest looking twists but they work for what i want them for which is a twist-out the chunky fluffy look is what I am going for.





I will try and take some pics of when I take them down and wear them out. Stay tune!


  1. I want to try this recipe for myself. This is a really good post.

  2. Sounds great,
    I really enjoy this reading, thanks for sharing.

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