Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Announcement as Promised!

It is March 1st, 2011 and I have decide to come clean and let my followers know that I have decided to go:




For those of you that did not know or realized that I am actually Texlaxed. I have decide I would like to give my natural hair a chance and there has been many natural ladies that I admire and have been an inspiration.

Surprisingly to you, I have been testing it out for a while now, I wanted to make sure I could go the whole way without failing lol my last texlaxing experience was March 31st, 2010. That means I am almost A YEAR into my transitioning.

I have SOME photos of styles I have been doing during my transitioning stages…, enjoy :).Be prepared as this is going to be VERY PICTURE HEEAVY; go get your tea and cake and come back :p lorl!


SSA50009   SSA50010 SSA50021

 SSA50285 SSA50289 SSA50293

 SSA50382 SSA50384 SSA50389

SSA53431 SSA53433

 SSA50395 SSA50398

SSA50423   SSA50421

SSA53598 SSA53604

SSA50431 SSA50438

 SSA50471 SSA50472

251220104481 301220104525

070120114537 070120114543

100120114573 100120114577 100120114575

SSA53470 SSA53471 SSA53473

 121220104360 121220104372

171220104469 171220104464

WHEEEEEW, I am going to end it here.

This should keep you hair lust happy for the time being, I have more hair updates coming during the week……, Stay tuned.


  1. I have started my natural journey in March 2010 as well. So I have been transitioning a little over a year myself. Happy Healthy Hair Journey!

  2. @Satin Scott, awww thanks hun, I stared transitioning in March also. I am aiming for 24 months, so here to me achieving that transitioning gold >.< lol