Sunday, 6 March 2011

Featured Excerpt: Tracey Helmers

Au Naturalista

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Where do you live?
I live in Bremen,Germany.

Tell us a little about you……!
I'm 18 years old and from Ghana (my parents) but I was born in Germany. I'm doing my general qualification for university entrance at the moment. I have 8 more months to go before I'm finally free!

Why did you decide to go natural?
I decided to go natural because my relaxed hair was damaged. I had a lot of breakage and I was tired of losing my hair all the time.

Were your friends and family supportive of your decision? If not, how Tracy Helmers (3) were you able to move forward?
Two of my friends are already natural so they encouraged me. My mum was very supportive because she herself would like to go natural too.

How long have you been natural for?
My big chop was on July 13th but I've cut my hair again 4 times since then. Since August 3rd I'm letting it grow.

What’s your regimen?
Right now I don't really have a regimen. I wash my hair every to every second day and co- wash a lot too.

 Tracy Helmers (4)

Have you experienced any set backs in your journey? What have you learned from them?
I had a lot of setbacks when I was relaxed but since I'm natural my hair is growing faster actually.

What has been your favourite product?
My favourite product will always be Organic root stimulator deep penetrating conditioner!

Tracy Helmers (2) What is your ultimate hair goal? What steps are you taking to achieve that?
MBL! Moisturize and seal! Co-wash! and Deep conditioning!

What is your ultimate hair goal? What steps are you taking to achieve that?
If your tired of torturing your hair you SHOULD go natural! After all it's what God actually gave you, why not accept it? And for those who are not sure if natural hair looks good on them just try it out.. if you don't like it you can still relax!

You love your hair because?
Because it's me! It's who I am and supposed to be!

You love your hair because?
Because our natural hair is different and looks good! We should be proud of what we have!

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  1. wow you look great with short hair. i used to be natural for 2 years, went back to relaxer :)