Thursday, 17 March 2011

Featured Excerpt: Dawn Williams

Where do you live?
I live in the US/New York....

Dawn Williams (5) Why did you decide to go natural?
I decided to go Natural 2yrs ago bc I always wanted to care for my hair in its natural state but I didn’t know how. Thank God for hair care forums and YT. But my hair was damaged from me not taking care of it like I should have been... I was wearing wigs all the time, and not doing anything to my hair. So I had to shave it all off (BC) again  (14mths ago) and started from scratch to get my hair healthy. I didn’t want to put anymore chemicals in my hair I wanted to take care of my hair in its natural state.

Were your friends and family supportive of your decision? If not, how were you able to move forward?
Yes my  family was very supportive and friends also, my best friend decided to go natural also around the same time I did, and my mother has been natural ever since I knew my :-) My son is very supportive through my Natural journey especially when I wanted to go back to wearing wigs again he'd say something like "Oh it looks like your' given up" and that comment just made me remember why I started this Natural Journey.

How long have you been natural for?
I’ve been natural for 14 months (bc I haven’t put any chemicals in my hair for 2 1/2 yrs.), but the first yr I wasn’t doing anything to my hair so I had to shave it all off bc of the damaged.  So I just like to tell ppl that I’ve been Natural for 14mths.

 Dawn Williams (4)  What’s your regimen?
Oh wow...Hold on girl... OK... My we go...

1. wash hair 3-4 xs a week or Once a week.
2. I always Deep Condition my hair when I wash my hair.
3. I always do some kind of pre-poo b4 shampooing.
4. After washing hair (shampooing, detangling, deep condition) I always use a leave in conditioner.
5. I let my hair air dry always I never use heat to my hair (unless its a heating cap).
6. I moisturize my hair twice a day, and seal in the moisture using some kind of oil (my fave is coconut oil).
7. I never use a brush or comb I only comb my hair in the shower (using wide tooth shower comb), and I like using my fingers to comb through my hair.

What mistakes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
Mistakes I’ve made to my hair that I learned from is that I have to keep my hair moist using a water based product not oil based. My hair loves water so I make sure when I’m moisturizing my hair that the product is water based. If the product is filled with oils I use it as a sealant.

What has been your favourite product?
I use so many different products I don’t know which is my favourite....OK I'll choose; Taliah Waajid "Protective Mist Bodifier"

What is your ‘SIGNATURE’ style?Dawn Williams (2)
My Signature style is my "Afro Puff" its simple and I can jazz it up with a hair flower or a cute headband.

Dawn Williams (1)

What has been your biggest challenge during your hair journey? And how did you overcome this challenge in your journey?
My biggest challenge was feeling like ppl wouldn’t like my hair in its natural state. I over came this by having a big supportive circle with my natural sista on YT, and just learning that God made my hair the way it is, so it really didn’t matter what others thought about me and my hair.

What is your ultimate hair goal? What steps are you taking to achieve that?
My ultimate hair goal is to have healthy hair. What I’m doing to have that goal is to stick with my hair regimen. Since I’ve been sticking to my hair regimen my hair has gotten thicker and I am also retaining length. I also like to give my hair treatments like henna, and Ayurvedic Indian Powders. 

Are there any words of encouragement/advice you would like to offer to those Dawn Williams (3)that are considering going natural?
If anyone is thinking about going natural just make sure that its what you really want to do not what others are telling you to do. If/when you do decide to go natural remember its all about patience, and that your hair is yours what may work for others may not work on your hair. Its all about trial and error when it comes to finding the best product, and water is a Natural girl's BFF.

What does 'good' hair means to you? 
"Good Hair" to me means "Healthy Hair"


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  2. Awww your welcome hun, thank you also for taking the time and effort to participate and provide all the lovely pics and information for the feature ;).

  3. lol love her reaction to the question about her hair regimen. great interview!

  4. LORL@Breukelensfinest, when I read it when I got it back I laughed too. I know we know what we do to our hair, but to put it in layman terms can be a trek lol Dawn interviewed well and was fun.