Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Denman Brush: Comes with Scents

I was surfing the net since I bought my tangle teezer and came across a NEW type of ‘Scented Denman Brushes’

Orange Tango Scented ‘Denman’

Fun and exciting adaptation of the D3 Classic Styling Brush with various scents and matching pad alike. Each has the fruit prints and fragrances accordingly. The perfect partner for blow-drying, smoothing and shaping the hair. HERE

Wild Berry Scented ‘Denman’




Coconut Scented ‘Denman’ (Plastic Handle)

Strawberry Shortcake Scented ‘Denman’

Green Apple Scented ‘Denman’








Lemon Sherbet Scented ‘Denman’








Wooden Coconut Scented ‘Denman’ (Wooden Handle) D3coco_display[1]

These sound yummy, do you own any of these NEW scented Denman? I am liking the sound and look of the ‘Wooden Coconut Scented Denman’. What is your take or experience with any of these NEW brushes?

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