Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Wash Day Session: Take #3


Overdue wash day session again [September 1, 2013], so this was my last wash date. This session I will be using some products I was sent many months ago to review.

I started out with a pre-poo using coconut oil and I finger detangled. I decide that from this month for about the next 2 months I will be giving finger detangling a go again. I tried it out at the start when I BC 16 months ago but I didn’t appreciate it then. Neither did I fully understand how to work with my hair and what would work to help make finger detangling easier and effective.

Anyway, the night before I took apart my twist out and work through each twist-outs with some coconut oil and gently work it through from tips to root and then from roots to tip throughout my hair.

After my whole head was detangled and coconut oil was applied to it, I then cover my hair with two steam caps and scarf up for the night.

The [pic] below is my hair the next day after the over night pre-poo and the coconut oil I used to pre-poo with.









The products that I will be using and reviewing are the ‘Mixed Roots’ line.

I started out with their ‘Curl Cleansing Shampoo’ <-- [click the link for review]











I then rinsed out the Shampoo and proceed to aplying the DC ‘Mixed Roots Deep Moisture Conditioner’ <-- [click the link for review]








[pic] of the DC ‘Deep Moisture Conditioner’ applied to one section of my hair.



After I applied the DC to my whole head, I then proceed to steam for 20 – 25mins. After my steaming session. I let my hair cool down and then I rinsed the DC out and thoroughly. The next step is to seal in the moisture with the oil ‘Mixed Roots Replenishing Oil Treatment’ <-- [click the link for review] in the line of this product range.










I then apply the ‘Mixed Roots Curl Control Leave-in Lotion’ <-- [click the link for review] over the oil and I twisted up my hair. I did this to let it air-dry some in order for me to style it later with the ‘Mixed Roots Curl Stretching Custard’




I will not be sing the following items on my hair [Mixed Roots Curl Stretching Custard & Mixed Roots Curl Refresher Finishing Spray]. Reasons are given with the review of the ‘Mixed Roots Curl Control Leave-in Lotion’

Nevertheless, here is a glimpse, of the end results from using this leave-in lotion.



Stay tune for my recovery wash session(s)!