Sunday, 15 September 2013

Wash Day Session: THE RECOVERY!


Okay so this wash session [September 15, 2013] is my recovery session from jacked-up-hair or should i say I hope I will make a full recovery.


1]. Coconut Oil – Pre-poo
2]. Creme of Nature Detangling Conditioning Shampoo
3]. Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner – DC
4]. Reve Essential Moisturizer – Leave-in / Moisturizer










Above [pic] I pre-poo with coconut oil over night, I finger detangle with my fingers and apply the oil in sections.


I shampooed with the old creme of nature shampoo [blue label], I shampoo in sections [4]. I soak each section (s) and then apply to my scalp and work it down to the ends of my hair. I focused on my scalp as my aim is to always have a clean and clear scalp.









I really like this shampoo, i started using it when CON decide to change out all their old formulas to the newer version. I manage to catch a few bottles so I am stocked up on 2-3 other bottles I am set for a while [full review to come].


My follow up step after shampooing, is to be DC, i decide to try this DC as it has bee sitting in my stash for time now. it has a huge cult following also. For a being an awesome DC.











I apply to hair in small sections and finger detangle further. I then DC / sat under my steamer for 30 mins. Mmmmm I am going have to give this DC another run before I comment on its effect on my hair.

I rinsed and then proceed to apply my moisturizer and seal with my shea butter mix and twist up. I may wear the twist for the week or do a twist out at the end of the week prior to my next wash session. Will.

Anyways I will be using the Reve Essential Moisturizer as my moisturizer –I have the ‘Birthday Cake’ fragrance.











This is my end result using the Reve Moisturizer and sealing with my shea butter mix.




To main my twist all I do it spritz lightly nightly with either [my panethnol vitamin B5 mix] or [glycerin mix].

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