Friday, 27 August 2010

Lady Kangelia Baxter

In the Life of a Transitioner.....,

What made you decide to transition?  
I made the decision to transition after stretching my relaxer and actually seeing my natural hair texture and saying wow… I actually love my hair more in its natural state.  Besides, God did not make a mistake when He created our hair texture. So…. I decided to flaunt my natural beauty.

How long have you been transitioning?  
I have been transitioning for about 20 weeks now. I am currently 27 weeks post
Were your family and friends supportive of your decision?  I can honestly say that my DH was hesitant at first but, now that he has seen that I desire to transition without the BC he is my biggest supporter. Aside from DH all my family and friends are very supportive. I have however; run into a few nay sayers along the way… Whose comments are always, “and why would you want to do that?”

How has your perception of beauty/hair changed since transitioning?
My perception of beauty has changed in that before now I truly was a slave to the “creamy crack” however since then I have come to realize that as African American women are hair is versatile, unique and beautiful the way that God created it.
What are you doing to manage the two textures?  I am currently doing A LOT of co washing and moisturizing, limiting direct heat, and wearing lots of protective styles (i.e. Bantu knot outs, twist outs, braid outs, rod sets, Caruso roller sets, and buns)

What is your regimen?
My regimen is still evolving since my transition but, for the most part it consists of:
Cleansing my hair 1-2x/Week with Hair One Cleansing Conditioner Tea Tree –
Co wash hair on all other days with cheapie condish followed by CON Argan oil DC
Moisturizing/Strengthening Treatment 1x/wk - Dcing overnight w/ EVCO & saran wrap -Intense Moisture Dcing on dry hair(1 cup SE Mega Chol, 2 tbsp Honey, 2 tbsp EVCO, 2 tbsp Amla Oil , 2 tbsp EVOO as needed when hair feels really dry on brittle)
Hot Oil Scalp Treatment 1x/wk - Coconut Oil/Hot Six Oil (combo w/ Evco Dcing Tx)
Protein DC(1 cup Vitale Hair Mayo, 2 tbsp Honey, 2 tbsp EVCO, 2 tbsp Amla Oil , 2 tbsp EVOO as needed when hair feels really mushy)…

What has been your favorite product?
EVCO and Mane n Tail Detangler.

What is your ‘go to’ style?
My current go to style is 2 strand twist roller set.

What has been your biggest challenge during your journey to natural?
Managing the two hair textures

Are there any words of encouragement/advice you would like to offer to the new transitioner?
I would encourage a new transitioner not to give up but to stay encouraged and learn to love their hair as God created it!

What is your ultimate hair goal?
My ultimate hair goal is to achieve healthy mid back length hair.

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